Sunday, July 17, 2011

Transitioning to First Time Ashe dot COM

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that I will be slowly phasing out the use of this blog into the use of my primary blog, As you may or may not know, First Time Ashe is the sister site of this blog, one which I started at the same time, but rarely have ever updated. It has really just served as a 'storage site' of sorts, and contains basically every bit of code not available to this blogger site.

The reason for switching to First Time Ashe is really just for the functionality; although I love Blogger and the Google engine behind it, I find that having the ability to not only upload files to my site, but the use of PHP code is a necessity for me. Having two sites really took up a lot of my time in having to not only insert tidbits of code, but having to learn new information in order to transfer coding from one site to another is intensely time consuming!

I am not bidding this website a 'farewell', but rather, a 'welcome'. I am not abandoning it, but merely transferring its whole ideal to a new location. I will still be here, I will still be writing, only this time, it will be on Please come and visit my new site, as it will be our new home...

As we leave this first frontier, our statistics are as follows: 1,000+ visitors PER DAY, Google PageRank #1 for multiple search terms, and numerous posts on the official League of Legends forum! I will be posting on this Blogger site every so often... I just can't bear to leave it to its own accord! Well, see you on our sister site,!



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