About Me

I'm a veteran League of Legends player with 1600+ Normal game wins, 200+ Ranked Game wins, and hover around 1500 rank. My summoner name is Remmix. I love playing with Nasus, Poppy, and Karthus.  I can use any of the champions, though, so I rotate between all of them throughout all of my games.

I am not a professional or expert League of Legends player by any means.  As a matter of fact, you might just be able to consider me a "skilled casual gamer", or perhaps even a "rogue veteran gamer".  I play video games more as a hobby than a lifestyle, so you won't find me in any clans.  But I do join tournaments.

I want to make something clear to you: I really want you, as a fellow summoner on the Fields of Justice, to succeed! My vision is this: if I can possibly help my League of Legends community in any way, it will benefit not only those people that I help, but it will benefit myself as well! If gamers can receive quality tips, tricks, techniques, guides, and basically any questions answered about the game, then they will become better gamers, which in turn, provide me with better teammates for when I play solo queue! Makes sense, right?

I made this site to share my knowledge about the game, League of Legends, with fellow players and to help them win! Please feel free to browse through my articles. I have accounts on other websites and I post guides, item builds, and on forums as well.

I have three tournament teams which I play on. One is my friend's team which I play on as a backup player. The second team is of my In Real Life (IRL) friends, called the "Emerald City Chau Chaus" (a Seattle, WA based team). And the third team is my very own starter team, the "Blackwater Raiders", which is growing in popularity. I am soon implementing our own forum, t-shirts, and a subdivision squad.