Friday, October 21, 2011

Graves: Worse Than Vayne?

I have yet to see a good Graves player.

Yet everyone I play with SWEARS that he is the SHT! can someone show me some proof of his awesomeness? Three ranked game wins, post the picture here and I will truly believe you. Otherwise he is going to be banned every ranked game. gg.

Useless Champion Quotes

I have been playing many different games lately and the same USELESS CHAMPIONS always show up and lose games LOL! I don't even know why people try to argue with me! In my eyes, if you use these champions (and you have less than 1k wins), then you're gonna lose it for your team GUARANTEED!

20/5 Shaco - "I just get focused too hard in team battles, I can't do anything!"
28/11 Nida Lee - "My team just sucks. They always suck."
15/0 Kassadin - "Sigh. Why can I not get out of ELO Hell?"
12/5 LeBlanc - "WTF Why my team sucking?"

lol. Anyway! Hope this helps you guys figure out how to win more games. Good luck!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Destroy a Turret in 5 Minutes

One of my favorite strategies in League of Legends is destroying a tower in five minutes or less! Think it's impossible? It's not! I'll show you how...

The easiest way to get a five minute tower is to have all of the following:
  • Forfeit your jungler (so you would have two top lane, one mid lane, and two bottom lane)
  • Pick a ranged Attack Damage (AD) Carry (Caitlyn is top choice here due to her insane range)
  • Pick Doran's BLADE (the bonus Attack Damage will destroy this tower FAST)
  • Make sure your top lane is against a solo enemy top lane (if they are melee, then they won't stand a chance lol)

At this point, all you have to do is PUSH! Auto attack the living crap out of minions, don't waste a second by "denying" their top lane. At every chance you get, attack their top lane tower! By the time their jungler comes around, the tower should have fallen.

Gosu Tip: After destroying the tower, head back to base to purchase Berserker's Greaves (and later Brutalizer), then start pushing other lanes! Let your teammate hold top lane as you conquer the map and destroy tower after tower!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Too Much Time to Rage: a Solution

I think there is a serious issue we have to fix here.

It seems that there is always at least one player in a ranked game who "gives up" before the game even started!

"GG WE HAVE NO SUPPORT ITS OVER." And then they spend the entire game complaining about whatever it is that they chose as their excuse for sucking.

Some popular rage topics are as follows:

  • They got first blood, GG it's over!
  • Dragon is not warded, GG it's over!
  • Our jungler won't give me blue, GG it's over!
  • OMG you won't listen to me preach about what items to buy, GG it's over!
  • They picked [insert name of any champion here], GG it's over!
  • Teammates are last hitting my minions, GG it's over!
  • Teammate is using [insert summoner spell here], GG it's over!
  • I need 40 minutes of farm before I can deal any damage, but before then, GG it's over!

It seems that a lot of people absolutely HAVE to say something negative or insulting AS SOON AS THEY DIE at any point in the game, as well as throughout their entire death timer. And I feel like this is mostly due to the fact that they have nothing better to do while they are waiting to revive (checking death recap to see what type of damage dealt so they can buy the proper resistances? Unheard of!).

What I think would be a great solution to this "in-game raging" syndrome is this: give the players waiting to revive something productive to do, which also helps the team in some way. At first I thought of having a roulette mini-game just to keep the kiddies busy, but later I thought it would be cool if it would give bonus buffs to teammates who are still alive, or even gold for completing said mini-games. Imagine the possibilities, guys!

Some quick ideas I thought of to keep dead players busy:
  • Roulette system with or without prizes (such as bonus buffs for teammates, extra gold, or briefly revealing a random enemy position with a ping)
  • Clicking repeatedly on an allied teammate can give him temporary minor boost to movespeed (or any other statistic)
  • Answer trivia questions about League of Legends for bonus gold
  • Find hidden treasure on the map that only dead players can see for bonus gold, or secret items that can only be found from this treasure chest
The point is that when you're in a team game, you should behave as such: as a team! And this includes having a positive attitude throughout the game, to everyone, not just toward your IRL premade buddies. Solo que players have feelings, too! I feel like having some sort of measure to keep players helping the team is a great way to go - even while they're dead.

Anyhow. I just thought it was a good idea. If we don't include this in the mainstream game, then I certainly would love to see it in a "Fun Mode" game, similar to the Dominion Map!

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