Friday, May 27, 2011

Coming Soon: Remmix's Tier List


I notice that many of my visitors (you) have come to my site looking for help with choosing a champion. And many of you have even asked me for my own version of a League of Legends Tier List. And being the generous fellow that I am, I have decided to fulfill your request! I am working on my own version of a League of Legends Tier List for three modes of games: 5v5 normal mode, 5v5 ranked draft mode, and 3v3 normal mode. These lists will be based on my own personal experiences with the champions, so everything is 100% legit.

And to be honest with you, I think that Elementz's Champion Tier List is a fantastic reference for any player in any rank and experience level! So if you have not already taken a look at it, go ahead and take a peek! You can even comment on his posts, too!

Anyhow. I need some coffee for this upcoming work. I'm going to brew some right now. Ciao for now!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Love the Tribunal!

I simply love Riot's new environmental moderating system, the Tribunal! (Click here to log in to the Tribunal system).

I have to say that most of my games are much more pleasant ever since the system was implemented. Normal games are so much more fun to play when players no longer rage/troll/flame during game! I breathe a sigh of relief... :)

It used to be that in every other game, you would get at least one foul-mouthed player with the audacity to rage afk, intentionally feed the other team, troll their own teammates, or even impersonate Riot employees! But now, things seemed to have calmed down. Now, if only Riot could do something about the trolling in the League of Legends forums...

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's About Time RIOT Nerfed Vayne!

Vayne and Alistar are getting nerfed this upcoming patch!

Riot is finally nerfing Vayne's damage output and Alistar's AP ratios! As you may know, the top champions whom people are playing right now are Vayne, Alistar, and Eve. If you have played ranked games at all, then you may have seen these champions in every single matchup! Vayne is just so ridiculously overpowered (OP) - literally all of her skills deal massive damage, and she even does additional true damage with her passive W skill! Alistar's ability power (AP) damage is pretty insane since the previous patch. As such, players have been playing AP Alistar in ranked as well.

Players have been abusing Vayne and Alistar to bits. Literally every single ranked game (and normal games, even) has been littered with abusers. It's about time that a patch came out to stop this!

Anyhow. Check out the patch preview video below for patch notes:

League of Legends - Patch Preview

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Troll Code, Part 1

Well, there is a Summoner's Code, so why not a Troll Code! This code of conduct are rules of behavior which govern all Trolls in our favorite game, League of Legends. And quite possibly, in every game that they play, or even every part of their lives! These articles are all from my own personal observations, mind you, so all of it is legit! But first, let's define a Troll...

The Troll Code, Part 1

Definition of a Troll:

1. Noun. One of many unsung internet heroes who are almost entirely misunderstood. Contrary to popular belief, many trolls are actually quite intelligent. Their habitual attacks in-game are usually a result of their awareness of the pretentiousness and excessive self-importance of many League of Legends enthusiasts. As much as people may hate Trolls, they are highly effective - their actions bring much of the stupidity of other players out into the great wide open.

Just kidding! Now that was Trolling lol! OK OK, so this definition is not the definition we want to use for our Troll Code. Here is our real definition of Troll, taken from at this link, with a few modifications of yours truly for the purposes of this article:

2. Noun. People who send empty and meaningless messages, purely to provoke.
Such people are mentally ill and have severe personality issues and insecurity as well as the average mind/priorities of a twelve year old.

Some people just can't grow out of the period in their life when scribbling on the walls and dropping spiders on the girls they liked was acceptable. At 20-30yrs of age, it's just pathetic.

Trolls don't care about proving a point or championing a cause. They just want to annoy, for the sake of annoyance and personal enjoyment, like a baby is entertained by a rattle or colorful lights.
They may tack on a "point" to draw out specific types of people but, it really doesn't matter. They're all the same. They all say the same shit. They all have the same excuses. They all fall back on the same responses and, they all share the same obliviousness to how stupid and pointless their lives are.

The troll is easily amused by things only the most retarded, unfunny child would appreciate.

They celebrate getting a reaction, that's it. Generally, they are so desperate for human interaction and, they are usually so vile, that negative attention is the best they can get. The saddest thing is, anyone can get a reaction by acting like an idiot. Anyone. They honestly take pride in the "art" like they've actually accomplished something.

It's astonishing to watch them brag about something 90% of the world would be embarrassed to even consider.

Don't let the occasional "smart" troll fool you. There is no "art" to it. It's a self loathing tool with anonymity to shield him, doing stupid things and when someone tells them they're making an ass of themselves, they dance around like some great mastermind who manipulated the psyches of those around them through careful planning and psychology, when in reality, they're a retard who shit in the public fountain and laughed when everyone looked.

Trolls have existed since ancient times, when they were referred to as the "village idiot" or "town drunk" a quixotic hero in their own mind, that the rest of the world pities in disgust.

Said disgust, isn't a victory, trolls. You've lost. Pray you never realize it. Ignorance truly is bliss and, you're the happiest motherfuckers around. Go see a shrink and tell them that you find enjoyment in pissing people off and try to look surprised when they tell you, you've got serious mental problems.
Troll this. *finger*