Monday, July 18, 2011

Top Halloween Costumes

Hey guys!

Halloween is coming up, and I am extremely excited to introduce you to a brand new website that I found that has the most awesome costumes around! Check out the Top Halloween Costumes @ This website is chock full of treats when it comes to costumes - they pick only the top Halloween costumes around that are the most popular, are easy to wear, and just overall great costume ideas!

If I had found this website any sooner, I would have saved myself a lot of agony each Halloween year - having someone pick out the top Halloween costumes and even write up a few reviews is so valuable to me that it's insanity! In the past, I always scrambled to the nearest Wal-Mart / K-Mart / Target / Other Retail Chain store at the last minute for a costume. Of course, I always got the leftover costumes that nobody else really wanted... not to mention, the most expensive ones as well. I had to wait hours in line just to checkout, right between a smelly old man and a chick with a cell phone addiction. It was all hopeless, really, and I kicked myself in the butt for having waited so long to buy a costume - a costume that was overpriced and that I didn't really want, either.

Click here to grab a great Halloween costume without the hassle of long lines and smelly old folk, delivered straight to your door!

This Halloween will be a blast and I just can't wait for it to be here! I hope that some of you will order a Yeti costume so that you can replicate Nunu... haha! Anyhow! Check out the website for the Top Halloween Costumes and have a Happy Halloween!

Happy Hauntings!

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