Thursday, July 7, 2011

EU Server Split!

Over the past few weeks, every time I logged on to the EU server, I would have to wait for about 45 minutes just to login. (It was never much of a problem for me, since I study and eat dinner as I wait anyway). RIOT has since proposed the arrival of a second EU server in order to prevent further overload. Smart idea, RIOT!

The EU servers will now be split into the following twin servers, based on geographic region (please see the picture above): 
  • EU West Server
  • EU Nordic East Server

RIOT assigns your server location and should notify you via email. You will only be able to login to your specific server from then on. All of your information, stats, and match history will remain the same. If you cannot find your friends when you login, it means that they are on the other server. You have two options here: switch to their server, or have them switch to your server. You only get one free server switch, so use it wisely! (You can access the server switch via the online store within the League of Legends client).

I have been assigned to the EU West Server, so find me there if you wish to play with me. :-)
Please note that you can still create a new account at any of the League of Legends servers... so expect to see me with new accounts on every server ;-)

Happy gaming!

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  1. When will this split be??? Can't find a date anywhere

  2. There is no set date at the moment, sorry! Just keep in mind that it will be a 12 hour server down time while they split the servers. And also, the server split also splits the forums as well... Stay tuned to the EU server forums for the official announcement! (

    Happy Gaming!

  3. there is no country named macedonia.its called fyrom.learn history illeterate people...


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