Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why I Don't Play With "Friends of Friends"

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not posting in a long time. I see that a lot of you are still visiting my blog and many of you are just visiting it for the first time. I just wanted to say that this blog is really meant to help gamers get better at their games, not as a social platform to socialize with other gamers. Although, that may be an option for the future.

I actually stopped playing League of Legends for awhile because of some player issues that came up. I found that there were many rude players online and that they refused to work with the team or they would randomly rage quit or leave the game. I found that very irritating because I only want to get up to 1800 Rank, and the leavers/disconnecters did not help at all. And since I have 2600+ Normal games wins already, I don't really need to play normal games anymore, so I have been devoting all of my time to ranked games.

In solo queue, it's hard to predict what type of teammates you will get, but you just have to roll with the punches. Although I win far less as a support champion (basically, I just sit there and watch the AD Ranged Carry that I'm supporting miss all of their last hits on the minions), I still get forced into that role by the baddies in this game. It's terrible, but I still do it.

The last straw for me was when I had to play with friends in premade 5-man teams in normal games. We got the whole team setup and they wanted to get on Skype. So I played with them. And I got to hear their endless raging. Not fun.

After about 4 losses in a row with the same "friends of friends" team, I told them that I want to play a carry this time. They told me that they "only play carries" or certain types of champions which they just bought. And I said that I'd like to sit out because I wanted to do ranked games anyway. My friend insisted that I stay and help teach these kids how to play. And I stayed. And boy, was I pissed!

These guys would randomly sit at the tower for minutes at a time. Then they'd say into Skype that "there's no hope, it's over". They never called mia's and they never helped my lane at all. It was terrible! And then the best insult ever: "Hey if you have over 2600 wins, how come you're doing so bad?" WTF! They were terrible and they were the cause of our terrible game and yet here they are with the nerve to call ME bad! I am so tempted right now to show you guys the screenshots I took of these guys' match histories so that it can be plastered all over the internet in ridicule of them. EVERY SINGLE GAME BEFORE THAT ONE WERE LOSSES AND NEGATIVE SCORES. No wonder they were so bent out of shape.

Anyhow. After that, I unfriended a ton of people that did the same bullshit and I refuse to get on Skype with "friends of friends". I really don't care if they can only play with their baddie buddies, I refuse to get into a Skype call with people who rage and who just plain suck, and rage at other people throughout the ENTIRE SKYPE CALL. This is so ridiculous! And this is not even talking about those lame "vagina chasers" that flirt with every girl they meet on League and make advances on them DURING our Skype call. I'm tired of this crap and now you're all stuck without voice communication with me, sorry.

I don't even want to hear your retorts on this one. Comments are CLOSED.