Saturday, June 4, 2011

Remmix's Champion Tier List (5v5 Normal Solo Queue)

Are you tired of losing games? Do you  want to win more games, but need help choosing strong champions before spending your hard-earned IP and RP? What if I told you that you can start winning more games today just by playing a handful of champions more frequently?  Well, now you can win games all day long!

The wait is over!

After many, many, many cups of coffee, Remmix's League of Legends Tier List is here! I have carefully crafted this champion tier list with you (my readers) in mind and with the mindset of choosing champions for you to use and for you to win easily! Each champion has been hand-picked and categorized into different tiers based on strength, ease of use, versatility and some other mumbo jumbo.

Tier 1 champions can help you win over 75% of your normal games. Tier 4 champions are meant for players who have already learned those champions and are really really skilled with those champions. And everyone else is in-between.

Here is a short preview of my champion tier list:

Tier 1: Garen, Irelia, Mordekaiser...
Tier 2: Annie, Shen, Twisted Fate...
Tier 3: Dr. Mundo, Lux, Soraka...
Tier 4:  Blitzcrank, Gragas, Sivir...

Well, what are you waiting for? Head on over to my Remmix's League of Legends Champion Tier List for 5v5 Normal Solo Queue to read the rest of my article and start stomping pugs now!

Happy gaming!

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  1. You stupid downy delete this shitty blog its outdated to fuck. tear 4 blitz are u mad?

    Mordekaiser is nerfed to fuck hes not even romotly viable for the meta


    shen has the ability to not die and thats it, useless pile of poo

    tf can throw a card further than his ult now how retarded is that - useless

    Play the game and learn it before teaching social reject how not to play x thanks

  2. Hey Anonymous,
    What's your summoner name? Because I wanna ignore dumb people like you lol. When have you NOT seen a blitz with a tear, that's what you build into a manamune. Also, Mordekaiser is still viable, it's just cuz people like you need to play the OP champs to win. Get some balls and put your name in the comment, too scrub.

  3. Hey Anonymous!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Glad to hear that you are a pretty pro player! I welcome any constructive feedback (and I stress the word "constructive"), so feel free to leave comments!

    But none of this anonymous drive-by commenting crap that you just did. It may be OK in other places, but DIS MAH HOUSE!

    If you want anyone to take you seriously, you really need to post your Summoner Name, your Match History, and any Tournaments you have won recently. Otherwise, any further comments like this will be deleted permanently. Thanks for your time, and enjoy the rest of your day!

  4. the list seems legit,
    Im a pretty big ass noob, but relativly
    good with tristana so id like to know why she
    is tier 3?
    except for beeing F*** squishy...

  5. Tristana in normal solo queue can be a devastating late game powerhouse... if you can make it to late game, that is. Most of the time in solo queue, you cannot rely on having a decent tank or any sort of stellar teamwork, which is just what Tristana needs to dominate. In addition, because she has such little defense, any anti-carry will destroy her (such as Kassadin, Wukong, Talon, Poppy, to name a few). Again, you do not have the luxury of a pre-made team to help protect your glass-cannon Tristana.

    If you want a ranked game / tournament tier list to use with a pre-made / professional team, I recommend you check out Elementz Tier List.


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