Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Feature! Server Switcher Within the LoL Client!

Guys! I'm so excited about the new "Server Switcher" feature from within the League of Legends client! It's about time RIOT got around to implementing this feature!

How to Switch Servers between NA and EU with the New Client

It's easy to switch between servers with the new League of Legends client. Simply fire up the client, then move your mouse towards the bottom-left of the splash screen where it says "Change Region". Click on the button there and select your server (either NA or EU). I love how easy it is! No more double-installations of the game and no more third party programs!

Anyhow, I hope you guys are staying safe during the patching. I have been busy with work so I haven't been able to play as much. But what I do have to say is this: LEONA IS RIDICULOUSLY OVERPOWERED! If you can't play her, then you really do (like, really really do) suck. Hard. The plus side of it is that most nubs don't know how to play tanks; they're always insta-locking squishy champions like Vayne. Pfft!

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  1. Post more stuff plz

  2. Alright, sure! I'll make a post right this moment - probably about how to play the new champions and my thoughts on "Flavor of the Month".

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