Pet Peeves

Each and every game I play, there ends up being some sort of irritation or annoyance factor. Well, part of me is starting to think that there is some sort of correlation here, so I'm compiling a list of "Pet Peeves" that I find in League of Legends. We'll categorize them, as well.

Let's start off with what we like about the game:

League Likes
  • Social game, make lots of friends - I have never found so many friends in League as with other games, so kudos to you Riot for creating a friendly gaming environment!
  • Competitive game, make lots of money (or fame) - players can take it to the next level and compete for cash prizes, which is so awesome
  • Great champion designs (I don't care what other people say, I actually like Riot's champion designs!) - Unique champions for all different types of play styles
  • Addictive game play - the game play gets pretty addicting and you can lose yourself in it if you're not careful
  • -Out-of-game modification system - Runes and masteries create new scenarios for each and every game, which I love
  • -Tactical  focus so there is a lot of strategy involved - there's more than one way to win, which keeps the game interesting
  • -Perpetual balancing, so game mechanics and champions are constantly being balanced (you noobs who like to use OP champions and then whine when Riot nerfs them need to learn how to play! L2P)
  • Large community - keeps the nostalgia going and lots of creativity regarding artwork, videos, music, and more
  • Low wait time for game queue - yeah, I like the short wait time for games.
  • Item system is stupendous - No searching around in "secret shops" for items, then lose all of your gold from enemy ganks on your way there
  • Ability to shop when you're dead - yeah, this one is pretty good, so you can "hit the ground running" as soon as you revive
  • Keep your gold when you die - I hate losing gold when I die! This game solves that problem.
  • Shared turret gold - No, you DO NOT have to last hit a turret to get the gold. In addition, gold is split evenly between teammates!
  • Multiple game modes - Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline, Crystal Scar, and each with Ranked/Non-ranked mode and even Draft Modes. In addition, users can play custom game modes such as "ARAM".
  • Decent chat system - You can chat in groups, invite groups to chat
  • Decent matchmaking system - In general, you will only get matched with people who are the same level as you or within your hidden ELO.
  • Custom paid skins - makes you stand out from the crowd, and other players know that you're serious about your champion!
  • Tribunal system acts as police of the game to punish players who misbehave! This has gotten rid of the "I mid or I feed" trolls out there, at the very least.
  • Dedicated forum system is awesome
  • Lots of new trailers and videos to keep players up-to-date with new patches and news

And yes, there is a dark side to this all. Read on for my list of pet peeves!

Game Peeves
  • Friend list maximum - Yeah, there's a limit to the number of friends that you can have on your list. A minor thing, but I hate having to delete people off of my list; you never know when they'll be able to play with you again in the future!
  • Matchmaking stinks - I don't know why I keep getting scrubs who don't even know that you can teleport onto a ward =/
  • Server lag spikes - servers get periodic lag spikes
  • Massive processor usage - League takes up more processor power than StarCraft 2, which is odd.
  • Tribunal is open to abuse - premade teams often harass their solo-queued teammates to no end and often force them to leave the game or do poorly. Then they proceed to report the player even though they caused it. And the reviewers on the Tribunal often don't read the entire chat conversations. Yeah, you get the picture.
  • Riot employees may be in games, and they may ban you at will!
  • Riot often take their time to fix game issues 
  • No "ELO" or "Rating" indication system in game lobby. Players are left to their own devices to figure out who should pick what champions and what strategies to use. StarCraft 2 has their "icon" system where you can display icons based on the number of wins you've had with certain races or game modes. In addition, they have a matchmaking gauge which indicates the likely outcome of the match: "teams even" and "team favored" mini-rating system.

Player Peeves
  • Immature kids who throw tantrums when they don't get to play a certain lane or champion, then feed the opposing team.
  • Losers who harass you for using clarity (even when you stomp the other team and have win streaks to back it up).
  • Douche bag teammates who steal your blue buff at the last second.
  • Jerks who give up before the game even started by calling, "GG! Ashe with Doran's Blade! It's over!"
  • Premade morons who harass their solo-que teammates just because they're not "one of us".
  • Imbeciles who blame someone else for their own deaths throughout the game.
  • Noobs who pick "OP" Kassadin/Nida Lee/Ahri/Ezreal/LeBlanc and don't realize they suck with them.
  • Pansies who sit around watching their teammates die in battle, then proceed to call out their deaths. "Why Amumu go into entire 5 team?"
  • Chronic harassers who only play the game to harass other players!
  • Scrubs who farm all game and STILL deal zero damage!
  • Nubbs who have no idea about champion selection
  • Newbs who don't know that you CAN play without a jungler! Or without a tank or without a support!
I'm going to end up re-wording some of these as I'm a bit steamed right now about this all. Stay tuned for a more professional version. =-O

Got your own Pet Peeve to throw into the mix? Leave a comment below and we'll have yours listed on here, too!

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  1. I completely agree with you. Im glad that there are a few sane summoners.


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