Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to Fix Black Screen Bug After Champion Selection Screen in League of Legends

Are you having trouble joining games after choosing a champion in League of Legends?

I've got the fix for you here.

I had the same issue after the Syndra patch and spent six hours trying to fix it. I'll show you exactly what I did to fix it so that you won't have to spend so much time fixing it.

Problem Description: 


You can start a game queue, you can choose your champion, and you are taken to the load screen. But that's about it. The load screen is completely black. The game starts and you can't even join. When you exit the game, you are taken to the client lobby where there is a "reconnect" button waiting for you. When you do try to reconnect, you can't get into the game anyway.

It's particularly frustrating when you know that you're going to get a "leaver" mark for that game, which may potentially get your account suspended! (If you do, don't worry, it's only for two weeks. Then you can log in again no problem).

So just how do you fix this? Well, there are actually several fixes. Your best bet is to go through them all in the same order that I went through them. You may get it fixed before reaching the final solution, who knows?

Here are the steps to fix the dreaded Black Screen of Doom:

  1. Remove menu animations from login screen.
  2. Start game from C folder, click "run as administrator".
  3. Repair from top-right gear box.
  4. Patch from different server (untick box for p2p), then return to your server (new patch to modify contents).
  5. Reinstall fresh copy of game.

1. Remove menu animations from the login screen.

This part is simple. Just start up your game client, and uncheck the boxes that are labeled "Disable Animations" and "Disable Music". Now try to join your game again. This may fix it in some cases.

2. Start game from C folder, click "run as administrator".

Sometimes, a patch may change some administrative requirements in the client. Unfortunately, this poses a problem for some of us, and the way to solve this is to run the game client directly from the game folder. The default folder is C:>>Riot Games>>League of Legends.

Once the folder is open, Right-Click the "lol.launcher.admin.exe" and select "Run as Administrator". This may fix your problem.

3. Repair from top-right gear box.

During the login screen, you will notice a little "gear" icon at the top-right of your client screen. Click that, and you will notice a "repair" button. Click that and the game will repair itself through all of its files.

NOTE: This may take several hours, depending on your computer's speed and power (it took about an hour for me, and my computer is relatively fast I guess).

4. Patch from different server (untick box for p2p), then return to your server (new patch to modify contents).

This is a neat way to fix your game. You can fix it by patching new files from a different server. From the splash screen (it's the first screen before the login screen which has the big orange "Play" button at the bottom right), pick a different "Region". Try one of the European servers.

Next, hit the "Play" button. You will notice that the game will start patching. These are fresh files from the EU server that will overwrite any corrupt files that you may have. Once you're done patching, restart your client. Now, select the NA server (or your own server) again and login. This may have fixed the problem.

5. Reinstall fresh copy of game.

If all else fails, then you should just uninstall the game and install everything over again. This is the last on my list because it takes a long time to download the files.

I hope that this helps those of you with this issue!

Thanks for reading Gosu League of Legends!


  1. I tried every one of these tips, but it still doesn't work.

  2. I can't find a gear in the login screen..?

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