Saturday, October 27, 2012

Summoner Icon Rewards for Purchasing RP

Image courtesy of Riot Games, Inc.

Riot is giving out League of Legends Summoner Icon Rewards for purchasing certain amounts of Riot Points (RP).

These icons are rewarded to summoners based on their RP purchases between the dates of October 1st and November 13th, 2012. Here are the rewards:

League of Legends Halloween Summoner Icon Rewards
  • Tier 1 (any RP amount): Spiteful Specter
  • Tier 2 (1,000+ RP): Baleful Grasp plus Tier 1
  • Tier 3 (2,500+ RP): Death Mask plus Tiers 1-2
  • Tier 4 (5,000+ RP): Deadfall Treant plus Tiers 1-3
  • Tier 5 (10,000+ RP): Vengeful Wraith plus Tiers 1-4

Wondering why your previous RP purchases do not count unless you have purchased them during this time period?

It's because it is a special promotion just for this Halloween season.

Summoners have expressed their resentment over this decision, and Riot has answered by stating that they will reward all RP purchases throughout the coming months (or years). Rest assured, you will be rewarded with your own icon based on how much RP you have purchased during your lifetime as a League of Legends Summoner. Here is what Hippalus had to say about this:

Hi all – I’ve heard your concerns with the summoner icon rewards and wanted to communicate more on the background of why these icons were created.

We have plans to provide players with permanent summoner icon rewards for many different things over the next several months, including lifetime RP purchases as well as good behavior in game. The Shadow Isles summoner icons were specifically designed to reward players for participating in the Shadow Isles and the Harrowing offerings, with some of the icons being extremely rare for those who provide the greatest amount of support. However, I understand the frustration of those who feel they haven’t been rewarded for past RP purchases, or for other contributions such as being a great player in-game, but I can assure you, it is coming.

Also, players have raised the fair point that under the current plan they will not even be rewarded for buying Shadow Isles or Harrowing content with RP that they had purchased prior to October, and I agree that doesn’t really capture the spirit of the promotion. Therefore, a few days after the end of the promotion, we will retroactively grant Shadow Isles icons to players if the RP spent from October 1 – November 13 is greater than the RP purchased during that time and qualfies them for an additional tier of rewards.

See you on the battlefield!

Gosu League of Legends

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