Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Abuse Reports and the Tribunal

I have been reading through reports and I have noticed that I am not the only one who has been punished unjustly (and unfairly). There are many people who have been complete trolls in my games and yet they are still around, and thriving.

I won't be talking about my own suspension here. I am posting a most thoughtful article that you may find useful:

4 Things I've Learned From Report Cards

After reviewing dozens and dozens of report cards, in addition to Red responses to those report cards, certain things have been made clear:

1. Individuality Is Illegal. If you deviate ever-so-slightly from the metagame, you are a troll and deserve to be banned. You do not have the inherent right to play how you like, and violating your team's wishes (regardless of your tactical effectiveness) will result in mass report/ban with no leniency from Riot.

2. Judges Are Irrational. Tribunalists don't judge cases on whether or not you violated the Summoner's Code - they ask the question, "Would I want to play alongside this player?" If you've been reported enough times to make it to the Tribunal, the answer is "No" 100% of the time. Being annoying or irritating is a permban-worthy capital offense.

3. Report Frequency Is Everything. Those who are reported the most are sent to the Tribunal and punished. Those who manage to "game" the system and get reported less frequently get off scott-free. You can trollbait people all day as long as you're not the one being reported.

4. Perception is Law. It doesn't matter whether or not you've actually done anything wrong, what matters is how the Tribunal perceives you based on how other players are reacting to you. Sophisticated trolls know how to manipulate chat to make you seem like an uncooperative or "toxic" player, whether it's true or not. Pretending to be offended is an excellent way to troll and harass others via the Tribunal system.

What Does It All Mean?

Tribunal is nothing more than Tyranny of The Majority.

All that's changed over the past several months is that we now have a body of evidence that makes it perfectly clear.


Point 1: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...90763#20590763 <--- notice the 50 downvotes

Summary: You must verbally defend yourself if you wish to deviate from the metagame. If your team does not agree with your justification, then by definition you are trolling. You can only deviate from the meta if you ask permission first and permission is granted. You have no innate right to play how you want without the consent of the other players, regardless of whether your actions contribute to a successful outcome or not. Failure to understand and follow the metagame is a capital offense.

Point 2:
Originally Posted by Moonthrower View Post
Then YOU guys play with him in matches. I wouldn't want him around.
Originally Posted by The Castigator View Post
Exactly, unfortunately this community is not mature enough to understand that them being mad or annoyed is not automatically a reason for a person to be reported / banned.
Point 3 : http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...12922#27612922

Reported in 26% of his games, lands in the Tribunal and gets autopunished. Is verbally harassed and abused by his team, but acts like a complete Saint despite all of this. His only crime? Being unskilled.

Point 4:
Originally Posted by Pendragon

Additionally - there isn't an explicit list of actions that if you don't perform them you won't be suspended (which is why we haven't published one). What matters more than the action is the perception of the action that other players have - and how it influences their experience. If you've done something that creates a substantially negative experience for some, but if you had been in a different game it wouldn't have been an issue - you've still done something wrong.
Summary: We've known Point 4 to be the case for a long time. Just look at any report card and see how perception trumps fact. Report abuse is still a rampant problem:
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2417327 <--- perfect example of premades abusing the report system
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2421737 <--- exploits system and gets away with it for awhile, is incredibly toxic while keeping his report cards squeaky clean

This article was a huge eye-opener for me and I hope that this helps you figure out how the Tribunal works at this point in time.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Summoner Icon Rewards for Purchasing RP

Image courtesy of Riot Games, Inc.

Riot is giving out League of Legends Summoner Icon Rewards for purchasing certain amounts of Riot Points (RP).

These icons are rewarded to summoners based on their RP purchases between the dates of October 1st and November 13th, 2012. Here are the rewards:

League of Legends Halloween Summoner Icon Rewards
  • Tier 1 (any RP amount): Spiteful Specter
  • Tier 2 (1,000+ RP): Baleful Grasp plus Tier 1
  • Tier 3 (2,500+ RP): Death Mask plus Tiers 1-2
  • Tier 4 (5,000+ RP): Deadfall Treant plus Tiers 1-3
  • Tier 5 (10,000+ RP): Vengeful Wraith plus Tiers 1-4
Source: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2694440

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why You Should Not Play Premade Teams With "Friends of Friends"

Hi everyone.

I have had to unfriend at least two people over the past week for the same reason. And I actually WANT to make friends! Here is what happened.

I got a good game with a good player. We add each other as friends. Then, he invites me to his "premade" team with 2 or 3 of his friends. They all suck and feed, and they blame me. I ask my buddy if he agrees, and he says "of course". I unfriend him because I know that he is defending his weak team and he doesn't want to acknowledge that they all suck.

So. Why do people do this?

It's purely for the single reason that they want to play and apparently "have fun", but not want to acknowledge that they SUCK. They really do. So instead of acknowledging that they are baddies, do you know what they do instead? They blame the player that's 1500+ ELO Rank with 3000 wins. They are all 0-6 EACH! Doesn't matter to them, though. It's still someone's fault. Of course.

I am tired of having to unfriend people. You people need to REALIZE that YOUR FRIENDS SUCK!


Please. Stop it now. Stop making trouble for people who actually know what they're doing. GG.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to Get Riven Icon from Season 2 Championship

Hi gang,

I have been bombarded with questions on how to get the special "Riven Icon" which Riot announced would be available on October 13th, 2012. The code is to be streamed live during the tournament.

Typing the code into a special website will give you a special Riven icon (NOT a skin or champion).

Here is how to get it:
  1. Get the code from the championship.
  2. Visit this website: http://bit.ly/lolriven or http://woobox.com/dwmvfy
  3. Enter in your login username (not your summoner name).
  4. Enter in your "Summoner Name" (your in-game name).
  5. Enter the code into the "Stream Code" field (The code is 521337).
  6. Enter your "Server Region" (North America, etc.)
  7. Press submit.


There is also a skin that will be in stores for a limited amount of time after the finals, which everyone will be able to purchase it in stores. After the predefined time, they will remove it from the stores.

Anyone attending the actual event will get special codes which unlock champions, icons, or skins (such as PAX skins).

Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to Fix Black Screen Bug After Champion Selection Screen in League of Legends

Are you having trouble joining games after choosing a champion in League of Legends?

I've got the fix for you here.

I had the same issue after the Syndra patch and spent six hours trying to fix it. I'll show you exactly what I did to fix it so that you won't have to spend so much time fixing it.

Problem Description: 


You can start a game queue, you can choose your champion, and you are taken to the load screen. But that's about it. The load screen is completely black. The game starts and you can't even join. When you exit the game, you are taken to the client lobby where there is a "reconnect" button waiting for you. When you do try to reconnect, you can't get into the game anyway.

It's particularly frustrating when you know that you're going to get a "leaver" mark for that game, which may potentially get your account suspended! (If you do, don't worry, it's only for two weeks. Then you can log in again no problem).

So just how do you fix this? Well, there are actually several fixes. Your best bet is to go through them all in the same order that I went through them. You may get it fixed before reaching the final solution, who knows?

Here are the steps to fix the dreaded Black Screen of Doom:

  1. Remove menu animations from login screen.
  2. Start game from C folder, click "run as administrator".
  3. Repair from top-right gear box.
  4. Patch from different server (untick box for p2p), then return to your server (new patch to modify contents).
  5. Reinstall fresh copy of game.

1. Remove menu animations from the login screen.

This part is simple. Just start up your game client, and uncheck the boxes that are labeled "Disable Animations" and "Disable Music". Now try to join your game again. This may fix it in some cases.

2. Start game from C folder, click "run as administrator".

Sometimes, a patch may change some administrative requirements in the client. Unfortunately, this poses a problem for some of us, and the way to solve this is to run the game client directly from the game folder. The default folder is C:>>Riot Games>>League of Legends.

Once the folder is open, Right-Click the "lol.launcher.admin.exe" and select "Run as Administrator". This may fix your problem.

3. Repair from top-right gear box.

During the login screen, you will notice a little "gear" icon at the top-right of your client screen. Click that, and you will notice a "repair" button. Click that and the game will repair itself through all of its files.

NOTE: This may take several hours, depending on your computer's speed and power (it took about an hour for me, and my computer is relatively fast I guess).

4. Patch from different server (untick box for p2p), then return to your server (new patch to modify contents).

This is a neat way to fix your game. You can fix it by patching new files from a different server. From the splash screen (it's the first screen before the login screen which has the big orange "Play" button at the bottom right), pick a different "Region". Try one of the European servers.

Next, hit the "Play" button. You will notice that the game will start patching. These are fresh files from the EU server that will overwrite any corrupt files that you may have. Once you're done patching, restart your client. Now, select the NA server (or your own server) again and login. This may have fixed the problem.

5. Reinstall fresh copy of game.

If all else fails, then you should just uninstall the game and install everything over again. This is the last on my list because it takes a long time to download the files.

I hope that this helps those of you with this issue!

Thanks for reading Gosu League of Legends!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Season 2 Ranked Game Rewards and Badges

Season 2 is coming to an end and players are scrambling to get their badges!

Riot has increased the rewards this time around, along with subdividing the queue requirements!

Here are the changes for this season:

(taken directly from their announcements page)
  • Season 2 rewards will be based on the highest rating you achieve between now and the end of the season. Once you’ve achieved a tier, you’ll have it for good, and playing more games can only help you out. In order to do this, we are resetting Top Rating for all players to their Current Rating and will be using Top Rating to determine end-of-season reward tiers.
  • We’re adding a whole new tier! Diamond will be at the top and the other tiers have expanded so that everyone who becomes ranked will qualify for a tier and the corresponding rewards. Players who joined a team on or after September 1 will also need to win five games with that team to qualify for rewards.
  • We’ve upgraded the medal art on your summoner profile. At each new tier, you’ll unlock an awesome new medal.
  • Tiers will now be subdivided into rating “ranks”. These ranks inform you of how close you are to moving up to the next tier. Moving up a rank also enhances your summoner profile medal.

The Rewards:

Bronze tier:

  • Bronze summoner icon for each queue (3v3 team, 5v5 solo, or 5v5 team) in which you are Bronze tier

Silver tier:

  • Silver border on the game loading screen
  • Silver summoner icon for each queue in which you are Silver tier
Gold tier:
  • War Hero Janna skin
  • Gold banner trim in summoner profile
  • Gold border on the game loading screen
  • Gold summoner icon for each queue in which you are Gold tier
Platinum tier:
  • Platinum forum badge
  • War Hero Janna skin
  • Platinum banner trim in summoner profile
  • Platinum border on the game loading screen
  • Platinum summoner icon for each queue in which you are Platinum tier
  • Diamond forum badge
  • War Hero Janna skin
  • Diamond banner trim in summoner profile
  • Diamond border on the game loading screen
  • Diamond summoner icon for each queue in which you are Diamond tier

Played in All Queues: achieved a tier in 5v5 solo, 5v5 team, and 3v3 team
Special summoner icon based on the lowest tier achieved in the three queues


Tier Solo Team
Bronze VII <850 <850
Bronze VI 850 950
Bronze V 900 1000
Bronze IV 950 1050
Bronze III 1000 1100
Bronze II 1050 1150
Bronze I 1100 1200
Silver VII 1150
Silver VI 1200
Silver V 1250
Silver IV 1300 1250
Silver III 1350 1300
Silver II 1400 1350
Silver I 1450 1400
Gold VII 1500
Gold VI 1550
Gold V 1600
Gold IV 1650 1450
Gold III 1700 1500
Gold II 1750 1550
Gold I 1800 1600
Platinum VII 1850
Platinum VI 1900
Platinum V 1950
Platinum IV 2000 1650
Platinum III 2050 1700
Platinum II 2100 1750
Platinum I 2150 1800
Diamond VII 2200 1850
Diamond VI 2250 1900
Diamond V 2300 1950
Diamond IV 2350 2000
Diamond III 2400 2050
Diamond II 2450 2100
Diamond I 2500 2150

So as you can see, these new requirements are pretty decent. I like the fact that it will calculate based on your TOP RATING instead of your CURRENT RATING (which is what screwed me up last season... lame...) when the end of the season comes.

Thanks for reading Gosu League of Legends!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

DreamHack 2012 Tournament

Hi guys,

Make sure you don't miss DreamHack 2012! Here is the video and some other information. I'm watching it right now as well. Stop reading and start watching!

Watch live video from dreamhacklol on www.twitch.tv

DreamHack 2012 hosts the top official League of Legends tournaments. It is every League of Legends player's dream to get into there and compete for massively huge cash prizes! (It's mine at least, anyway).

Here is the match list:

I think that by the time I am able to travel and forget about silly things like working/a job, League of Legends will probably be old news and we'll have to start playing the newer games. Oh well. Gaming will never end, anyway, so just enjoy it while it lasts!

Monday, June 4, 2012

How to Counter Darius

Darius is a monster. He is the ultimate "noob thrashing" machine! But don't worry, I'll teach you noobs how to fight back!

Lets start first with our analysis of Darius.

Name: Darius
Champion type: Bruiser
Main damage type: Physical
Range: Melee
Play style: Cooldown Skills Harassment with Nuke Finishing Move
Teamwork: Not a team player; best at laning, ganking, and killstealing (KS'ing)
Escape skills: None
Weakness: Sustained damage with lifesteal (think Xin Zhao and Sivir)
Classification: Tough to beat 1v1

These are the more important features that I have found to matter most during laning phase. He's not very good in big team fights, so you can pretty much kite/ignore him and wipe out his weaker teammates as he's chasing someone on your team.

How to Lane Against Darius

You will notice that Darius is stronger against certain champions than others. Admittedly, he is strong against many champions. However, there are still champions which can wreck him in lane.

Note: we will assume that Darius will take top lane against you.

  • Worst Champions to Lane Against Darius
    • Melee DPS carries (Master Yi, Hecarim, Akali, etc.)
    • Support types (Soraka, Orianna, Blitzcrank, etc.)
    • Ranged champions with no escapes/disables (Ashe, Caitlyn, etc.)
    • Pure tanks (Shen, Cho'gath, Rammus, etc.)
  • Best Champions to Lane Against Darius
    • Long range harassers (Teemo, Ziggs, Varus, etc.)
    • Bruisers (Olaf, Maokai, Xin Zhao, etc.)
    • Mages with harass skills and "damage over time" (Malzahar, Brand, Cassiopeia, etc.)
Darius has great harassment abilities, so he will do best when he is able to wear you down. But will you let him get the chance to do so? NO! Don't even let him get close! This is why champions like Teemo do so well against him; they can OUT-HARASS him to no end! Of course, you still need skills in order to keep it going without dieing yourself, so keep that in mind.

Bruisers do best against him because of his limited "sustained fighting" capabilities. I have found that Olaf, Maokai, and Xin Zhao are among the top counters to Darius. Olaf and Xin can beat the living snot out of Darius, while Maokai can wear him down from afar using Saplings (just remember to start with Doran's Ring and level up your Sapling [E] skill).

You can win easily before he hits level 6. Once he hits level 6, you will need to be more careful and also build more Health items to survive his nuke.

How to Gank Darius

Most Darius players grab ignite and flash/ghost.  This means that you will have to gank him more than once in order to successfully destroy him! The first gank should be to remove his escape summoner spell (just gank and he will use it to escape). If he sticks around, you should wait around for him to push again. Once he's beyond the river landmark, jump in and secure the kill!

How to Fight Darius in Team Fights

Darius is very poor in team fights due to many factors. 
  • He has only one "area of effect" skill. 
  • He has no shield to initiate with. 
  • His attack speed is super slow.
  • He has low Health base stats.
  • His ultimate will not be used to initiate, so you can count it out of the first half of the battle.
  • His skills have relatively high cooldowns, so you will be able to pounce on him and deliver damage before he can reciprocate.
There are two ways to fight him during team fights. You can either focus him with ALL of your teammates to just destroy him with one blow, or you can just ignore him and take out his teammates first. This part is your call because team fights are never the same. Kill him first only if he deals tons of damage. Save him for last if there is a bigger threat on their team! (Darius is terrible at chasing).


The term "overpowered" is used too often and without much proof. Just because the noobs with less than 1,000 wins lose to a certain champion doesn't mean that you (you're a pro, right?) will lose to that same champion as well! In this situation, it is the players who try to analyze and gather information about the enemy before engaging in half-baked battles who win out in the end. Best of luck, and stay GOSU!

Is Darius OverPowered (OP)?

There is a lot of griping going on right now about how the new champion is "overpowered". Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. But what's for damn sure is that I beat the living crap out of him!

Why do players think he's overpowered?

I think this has a lot to do with the fact that he's a new champion that players have never faced before. They don't understand what he does or how to fight him. This is problematic for most newbie players because they tend to lose games... again and again and again. Incoming tears on the forums, please!

Is Darius really overpowered (OP)?

No, he is not. He is just a bit more ferocious than other champions. His play-style is still a pansy "cooldown" type, so he does best when he gets to harass you with skills to wear you down in lane. If you force him to engage, you will have the upper hand (assuming you have chosen a corresponding champion). He is also a "squishy champion eater", so forget about it if you're playing lame Morgana or useless Kassadin or worthless Nida Lee.

I will be making a new post in a few minutes on "how to counter Darius". Stay tuned.

Do you think that Darius is overpowered?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why I Don't Play With "Friends of Friends"

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not posting in a long time. I see that a lot of you are still visiting my blog and many of you are just visiting it for the first time. I just wanted to say that this blog is really meant to help gamers get better at their games, not as a social platform to socialize with other gamers. Although, that may be an option for the future.

I actually stopped playing League of Legends for awhile because of some player issues that came up. I found that there were many rude players online and that they refused to work with the team or they would randomly rage quit or leave the game. I found that very irritating because I only want to get up to 1800 Rank, and the leavers/disconnecters did not help at all. And since I have 2600+ Normal games wins already, I don't really need to play normal games anymore, so I have been devoting all of my time to ranked games.

In solo queue, it's hard to predict what type of teammates you will get, but you just have to roll with the punches. Although I win far less as a support champion (basically, I just sit there and watch the AD Ranged Carry that I'm supporting miss all of their last hits on the minions), I still get forced into that role by the baddies in this game. It's terrible, but I still do it.

The last straw for me was when I had to play with friends in premade 5-man teams in normal games. We got the whole team setup and they wanted to get on Skype. So I played with them. And I got to hear their endless raging. Not fun.

After about 4 losses in a row with the same "friends of friends" team, I told them that I want to play a carry this time. They told me that they "only play carries" or certain types of champions which they just bought. And I said that I'd like to sit out because I wanted to do ranked games anyway. My friend insisted that I stay and help teach these kids how to play. And I stayed. And boy, was I pissed!

These guys would randomly sit at the tower for minutes at a time. Then they'd say into Skype that "there's no hope, it's over". They never called mia's and they never helped my lane at all. It was terrible! And then the best insult ever: "Hey if you have over 2600 wins, how come you're doing so bad?" WTF! They were terrible and they were the cause of our terrible game and yet here they are with the nerve to call ME bad! I am so tempted right now to show you guys the screenshots I took of these guys' match histories so that it can be plastered all over the internet in ridicule of them. EVERY SINGLE GAME BEFORE THAT ONE WERE LOSSES AND NEGATIVE SCORES. No wonder they were so bent out of shape.

Anyhow. After that, I unfriended a ton of people that did the same bullshit and I refuse to get on Skype with "friends of friends". I really don't care if they can only play with their baddie buddies, I refuse to get into a Skype call with people who rage and who just plain suck, and rage at other people throughout the ENTIRE SKYPE CALL. This is so ridiculous! And this is not even talking about those lame "vagina chasers" that flirt with every girl they meet on League and make advances on them DURING our Skype call. I'm tired of this crap and now you're all stuck without voice communication with me, sorry.

I don't even want to hear your retorts on this one. Comments are CLOSED.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tier List Normal Games Update February 2012

Hi everyone,
Thank you for your support on my blog and all of your helpful comments and suggestions! This tier list is updated for February 2012 for all of the new NORMAL GAME SOLO QUEUE champions (not Ranked Games or pre-made teams). New champions: Nautilus, Sejuani, Viktor, and Ziggs.
Tier 1
Jarvan IV
Lee Sin
Xin Zhao

Tier 2
Master Yi
Miss Fortune
Twisted Fate

Tier 3

Tier 4

If you follow this list, you should be able to stomp hardcore in normal games, at least in solo queue. Pre-made 5-man and pre-made 3-man teams are a different story.

Please see my Tier List Page for the Tier Descriptions.

Good news also: keep an eye out for my new books on Amazon.com, among other marketplaces! Good luck and stay GOSU!
Thank you for reading my post!  Please don’t forget to tell your friends about my website, Gosu League of Legends @ Blogger.com, or otherwise known as How to win League of Legends games!(http://gosuleagueoflegends.blogspot.com/)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Social Gaming is IN!

Gaming is the new social platform for many people all over the world. This excites me even more when I see entire communities being built around certain games! This is bigger than you think, trust me on this.

Some popular games that are pretty popular at the moment are:
League of Legends
StarCraft 2
World of Warcraft
Maple Story
WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne
Counter-Strike: Source
Half-Life 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
FarmVille (FaceBook Game)
Restaurant City (FaceBook Game)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
...and more

There are many more games that I have not listed here that are popular and most likely will remain popular throughout the years.

What I can say is this: games are addicting. And gamers are people, so people naturally want to find other people to be around. This generation has found comfort in the virtual world and are spending more and more time online. I see this as a good thing, as I find that it is a great way to meet people and make new friends.

And to the more business-minded, it is increasingly worth your while to market to these avid gamers. ;-)