Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Season One Championship Winners! Team Fnatic!

Congratulations to the 
League of Legends
Season One Championship 
Tournament Winners
Team Fnatic!
(aka Team FnaticMSI or Fnatic.MSI or FnaticMSI.LoL)

Here is the final Tournament Bracket: 

If you missed the two final, heart-thumping matches, you can view them here and in FULL HD!

Watch the Final Upper Bracket Season One League of Legends Championship Match here:

Upper Bracket Final
Fnatic vs. aAa Game 1
(Fast Forward to skip the long introduction commentary)

Upper Bracket Final
Fnatic vs. aAa Game 2
(Fast Forward to skip the long introduction commentary)

In the first match, Team Fnatic received their desired picks and played very well, ending the game early with very few deaths. Toward end game, the score was 15-0 until FnaticMSI Shushei went in, rambo-style, to give their team their first kill! Things were looking great for Team Fnatic!

The second game proved to be more challenging than the first. It looked like aAa used the intermission to productively hone in on FnaticMSI's weak points! aAa really started to pour it on thick as they won battle after battle! The second game was definitely a lot closer and more competitive than the first game. Things really were looking dismal for FnaticMSI toward mid-game. But as late-game approached, FnaticMSI won the more crucial battles, resulting in a 2-0 victory over Team aAa!

It was tough. It was intense. But in the end, there can only be one! Congratulations to Team Fnatic on winning the Season One Championship Tournament and the $50,000 Grand Prize! Looking forward to Season Two!

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