Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Does ELO Hell Exist?

Guys, I am going to go out on a limb here and profess to you my anti-religious views about a popular topic. So guys, how many of you are stuck in ELO Hell and how many of you have gotten out of ELO Hell fairly easily? The bigger question is: do you believe that there really IS an ELO Hell, or is it just an excuse made by players to make themselves feel better about staying at a low ELO?

Of course, what I have to say is solely my opinion and my opinion only: ELO Hell does NOT exist! I firmly believe that whatever ELO you are in is the ELO that you deserve to be in, especially over a large period of time. Think about it: if you don't deserve to be in the ELO that you are currently in, then you will rise above the ranks very quickly! This is because a low ELO with 5 baddies on the enemy team versus the 4 baddies on your team will naturally get stomped on by the only good player on your team (which happens to be you, correct?). You will simply win more games than you lose, and your rank will slowly go up and up and up!

I actually made a poll about this on the official League of Legends forums, and I would love it if you could vote on it by clicking on the link here:

Well, happy gaming!

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