Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The League of Legends Server is Down!

There has been some PVP.net issues all day today and although I could deal with the lag, it seems that Riot feels the need to shut down my favorite game! I can't log on or anything!

If you try to log on, you will be put into a 10,000 person queue and even after you get IN to the game, you will find that there are no friends on your friends list! PVP is having some issues right now and I am getting restless, as I really want to play right now!

Anyhow, hang tight summoners! I am sure that Riot will not let us down!

In the meantime, I am excited to announce to you that I have just finished my first League of Legends ebook, "Top 10 Player Skills That Win League of Legends Games"! You can grab your copy of my FREE ebook by subscribing to my "GOSU League of Legends Newsletter" by submitting your information at the top-right of this page! I am giving away my ebook as a gift to anyone that subscribes to my newsletter! Sweet deal, isn't it?

This book will OPEN YOUR EYES!

Anyhow, hang in there, Riot will fix the servers soon!

[Edit] 6:00pm the server status is back online! Happy gaming!

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