Thursday, June 30, 2011

Champion Pack Sale 25% Off!

I'm so excited!

You guys know how much I love the Champion Pack! And guess what??? It's now 25% off! That's right! You can now own your favorite League of Legends Digital Collector's Pack for a whopping 25% off the cover price for a limited time only!

Getting this Champion Pack has helped me and my friends out so much by giving us instant access to 20 powerful champions and three Tier 3 runes! (Normally, you can't buy Tier 3 runes until you hit level 20, but if you get the champion pack, you can use them right away!) You can give these champion packs out to your friends for birthdays, for Christmas presents, and as prizes for winning our local League of Legends tournaments! And they will all love you for it ;-)

See you on the battlefield!

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