Thursday, June 23, 2011

Journey into the EU Server!

I recently queued with someone from the European (EU) who claimed that the EU server was better than the North American (NA) server. He said that I could never get to his ELO on the EU server. I wondered if this was true, but upon comparing his 0/0 Jarvan to my 5/2 Tryndamere that game, I thought I'd give it a try.

"You will get eaten alive on the EU server, they are so much better than you are," he said after hearing about my plans. "I am only smurfing here on the NA server, I assure you that I can completely stomp you on the EU server."

I look forward to challenges.

So today, I started a new account on the EU server under the name "LXRemmixS2" (Click here to signup for an EU account - make sure to change the Region setting to "Europe", otherwise you will be signing up for the NA server!) . I used the "Server Switcher v4" software (designed by Silviuvlad) to avoid having to reinstall my League of Legends client all over again. After downloading the file, I simply copied them into my League of Legends folder, and opened the "N2E.exe" file, which brought me to the EU server login. I actually recommend it because of its convenience. To obtain it, just click here. You need to complete a quick survey in order to download it, but it only takes a minute and the software is well worth it! Just make sure to make a copy of your entire League of Legends directory before using this, just in case you want to remove any changes.

(But if you insist on reinstalling a fresh copy of the game for use on the EU server, click here to signup to the EU League of Legends server. Make sure to change the Region setting to "Europe", otherwise you will download the NA copy, which is not what you want! It is a small download for the first file, but the patcher will download the complete client which is ~2GB in size, so be prepared to wait for it to download and install!)

Then, I proceeded to use my League of Legends Digital Collector's Pack which provided all of the champions I needed, $10 worth of RIOT Points, a few runes, and a skin included in the bundle. I did this so that I could hit the ground running and start kicking butt immediately! After that, I looked at my tier list, Remmix's Normal 5v5 Solo Queue Champion Tier List, and picked a champion from the top two tiers which I was comfortable using. I chose Annie, since my team needed a mage.

As expected, my first game was a success! It was fairly easy to distinguish just who the new players were against who the experienced players were... like me, there were veteran gamers who created new accounts as well. Still, they did not stand a chance against my Tier 2 Annie! I accompanied my two tanks (Rammus and Malphite) into battle and spammed my spells to the best of my ability. It wasn't long before we achieved victory!

So far so good, and I have quite a ways to go before I reach level 30! I can't wait to reach level 30 and face the more experienced EU players! I will definitely have to keep you guys posted about my experiences... so stay tuned for updates!

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