Friday, October 21, 2011

Useless Champion Quotes

I have been playing many different games lately and the same USELESS CHAMPIONS always show up and lose games LOL! I don't even know why people try to argue with me! In my eyes, if you use these champions (and you have less than 1k wins), then you're gonna lose it for your team GUARANTEED!

20/5 Shaco - "I just get focused too hard in team battles, I can't do anything!"
28/11 Nida Lee - "My team just sucks. They always suck."
15/0 Kassadin - "Sigh. Why can I not get out of ELO Hell?"
12/5 LeBlanc - "WTF Why my team sucking?"

lol. Anyway! Hope this helps you guys figure out how to win more games. Good luck!

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