Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Destroy a Turret in 5 Minutes

One of my favorite strategies in League of Legends is destroying a tower in five minutes or less! Think it's impossible? It's not! I'll show you how...

The easiest way to get a five minute tower is to have all of the following:
  • Forfeit your jungler (so you would have two top lane, one mid lane, and two bottom lane)
  • Pick a ranged Attack Damage (AD) Carry (Caitlyn is top choice here due to her insane range)
  • Pick Doran's BLADE (the bonus Attack Damage will destroy this tower FAST)
  • Make sure your top lane is against a solo enemy top lane (if they are melee, then they won't stand a chance lol)

At this point, all you have to do is PUSH! Auto attack the living crap out of minions, don't waste a second by "denying" their top lane. At every chance you get, attack their top lane tower! By the time their jungler comes around, the tower should have fallen.

Gosu Tip: After destroying the tower, head back to base to purchase Berserker's Greaves (and later Brutalizer), then start pushing other lanes! Let your teammate hold top lane as you conquer the map and destroy tower after tower!

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  1. Albiet a bit slower, but I think safer, is a bot dual ranged combo that can push hard on the tower. If it is cait/nid then you can trap up/ward the river so much that ganking is almost nil.

  2. OK so I have seen some of my readers (YOU!) using this strategy against me in Normal Games and I have to tell you that I am both EXCITED and ANNOYED at the same time! lol!

    At the beginning of the game, my teammates were like "the other team no jungler, they lose, gg." Then Ashe took down our top tower in 5 minutes and watched as our talon just melted time and time again LOL!

    I said to the other team in All Chat: "5 minute tower? Where you learn that from?" They replied: "We're fucking GOSU! That's what!"

    I <3 my readers! Keep up the good work!

    (And don't worry, I won't seek revenge, I love it when you guys practice my tips lol)!


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