Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to lane against powerful early game champions

It has come to my attention that solomid is a popular place for a strong early game champion like Karthus to gain an incredible advantage. In the hands of an expert, solomid Karthus can shuttle your team to victory... or when he's on the other team, shut down your own team's carry.

When you're facing a strong solomid champion like Karthus, there are several things you can do. And there are several things that you should not do:

What to do against a solomid Karthus:
  • Buy magic resistance and health potions, or a health item.
  • Switch lanes with a more tanky champion (like Malphite), who can take the hits.
  • Switch lanes with an anti-caster (like Kassadin), who may have an easier time against Karthus.
  • Call for ganks often, even if your team does not have a jungler.
  • Stay alive so that he does not get enough money for his core item! (i.e. Archangel's Staff).
  • Let him push toward your tower so that your team can gank him or get tower hits on him.
  • In ranked mode, choose a direct counter to Karthus (such as Soraka, who can heal everyone just enough to save her team from Karthus' global nuke).
  • Wear him down with ranged attacks
  • Later on, make sure everyone on your team has a Banshee's Veil

What not to do against a solomid Karthus:
  • Do not stay in the lane against him as a squishy carry with no escapes (like Kogmaw).
  • Do not "stick with your usual item build" and overlook the need for magic resistance.
  • Do not stay in the lane with low health!

These are some great ways to lane against a strong early game champion. If you can shut down Karthus' early game advantage, you should easily destroy him mid and late game due to his lack of health.

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