Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Choose the right team!

A well-balanced team has a tank, a dps, and a mage.
I'd like to start off this blog with a very important, yet often-neglected topic: team composition.

There are hundreds of thousands of players playing that it can be difficult to "choose a balanced team" when players are in the champion select lobby. Here are some key pointers to consider when choosing a balanced team:

1. Champion roles
2. Damage types
3. Countering your team

1: Champion roles

There are different types of champions in League of Legends. There are tanks, assassins, mages, supports, and carries. Each of these categories can be found in your League of Legends client within your profile, under the "Champions" tab.  A team should have at least one tank, one physical damage dealer, and one magical damage dealer.  They should be listed under: TANK, CARRY, and MAGE, each in their respective categories. These three champions are your bread and butter, where the entire game and every battle will center its focus!  The final two champions can be "situational" champions, tailored to disrupt the other team or to gain an edge in any respective area (such as AKALI anti-carry or JANNA support).

2. Damage types

Since there are only two types of damage in the game, they can easily be countered by armor or magic resistance. You do not want the enemy team to be able to resist your team's damage too easily! The best way to do this is to choose champions who have different damage types! Two physical damage dealers (such as Tristana and Master Yi) and two magical damage dealers (such as Kassadin and Malzahar) should compose the team. The final champion should always be a tank.

3. Countering your team

Certain team strategies can easily be countered just by the selection of a certain champion. For example, Karthus has a global nuke which deals magical damage. The proper counter to this is: Soraka, whose ultimate is a global heal on allied champions. If Karthus channels his ultimate to nuke enemy champions, Soraka will react by activating her own ultimate in order to neutralize Karthus' damage! There are many more situations that we will discuss in future posts!

Team champion selection is one of the more crucial elements of winning games in League of Legends. Having a balanced team can make or break your game!

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  1. nice info could u give some more info on how to counter certain champions, and different type of team compositions are, like when do u know if u could jungle gp or jungle mao? :) big fan

    1. Hey! Sure can! Sorry about the late reply, as well. I'll produce an entry for you soon. This is actually a pretty lengthy topic, since there are 70+ champions! So please let me know the top 3 champions that you need counters for, and I will gladly produce a post for you!


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