Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to Get Riven Icon from Season 2 Championship

Hi gang,

I have been bombarded with questions on how to get the special "Riven Icon" which Riot announced would be available on October 13th, 2012. The code is to be streamed live during the tournament.

Typing the code into a special website will give you a special Riven icon (NOT a skin or champion).

Here is how to get it:
  1. Get the code from the championship.
  2. Visit this website: or
  3. Enter in your login username (not your summoner name).
  4. Enter in your "Summoner Name" (your in-game name).
  5. Enter the code into the "Stream Code" field (The code is 521337).
  6. Enter your "Server Region" (North America, etc.)
  7. Press submit.


There is also a skin that will be in stores for a limited amount of time after the finals, which everyone will be able to purchase it in stores. After the predefined time, they will remove it from the stores.

Anyone attending the actual event will get special codes which unlock champions, icons, or skins (such as PAX skins).


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