Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The New Sivir is So Over-Powered!

Sivir: Limited Edition Pax Skin

I just played a game with Sivir and the result was so ridiculous! If you guys are tired of playing Caitlyn, Vayne, and Ashe in your games, then I highly recommend the new Sivir to you!

What Changed with the New Sivir?

If you have been away for awhile and you have not been playing Sivir at all, then you may have missed the rework that has been done on her. The most notable changes are as follows:

  • Increased the range of her auto attack to about Ashe's range (I have been waiting for this and now I like using her even more!)
  • Rework of her passive: she now gains bonus move-speed after every auto-attack up to a certain amount (almost as good as Vayne's now!)
  • Her Ricochet now needs to be activated and does bonus damage which also resets her auto attack. In addition, it bounces to up to five targets at all levels (think Poppy's smash attack but for five targets!)

I have been enjoying using Sivir with her increased range, passive, and bonus damage. Lane domination is EASY.

How Should You Play the New Sivir?

This is how I play her, but it's not necessarily how you like to play her or how other people would want to play her! The way I play her, I dominate my lanes and I carry my team hardcore. I do "tank sivir" runes and masteries so that I can stay in lane for a long time and so that I have a huge presence in team fights. I do the following:

Runes - Red Armor Penetration Marks, Yellow Flat Armor Seals, Blue Flat Magic Resistance Glyphs, and Violet Movement Speed Quintessences.
Masteries - 9/21/0 with emphasis on armor penetration offense and damage reduction defense masteries.

Think my build sucks? Check out my latest Sivir game, 13-0-4.

Well, hope you enjoyed this article! Keep an eye out for my upcoming books on Amazon.com which will help you become a better player and dominate normal games in both solo and pre-made games!

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