Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ranked Teams Are LIVE!

Great News!

Ranked teams are now LIVE! Now your roster of eight players on your team can compete for top spot in the League of Legends ladder system! Want to know how? Here's a short tutorial:

1. Log in to your League of Legends client
2. Click on your summoner profile
3. Click on the CREATE A RANKED TEAM button (it's to the top)
4. Fill in your team information.

Simple huh?

The great feature about this is that your team will no longer be matched inappropriately against other teams, based on your team's average rank! Now the team ITSELF has a rank, so your team will move upward, starting with the weakest team first! I believe that this is the best feature about it, that eventually, your team will reach a point where you will win half of the games and lose the other half, and that will be where your team belongs. Fantastic!

Read more tutorials on how to create your ranked team here

Don't have a ranked team? Want to join one? There are many teams out there looking for solid players, so if you are 1250+, then just post your ad in the forum!

Click here to look for a ranked team in the forum!

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