Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's About Time RIOT Nerfed Vayne!

Vayne and Alistar are getting nerfed this upcoming patch!

Riot is finally nerfing Vayne's damage output and Alistar's AP ratios! As you may know, the top champions whom people are playing right now are Vayne, Alistar, and Eve. If you have played ranked games at all, then you may have seen these champions in every single matchup! Vayne is just so ridiculously overpowered (OP) - literally all of her skills deal massive damage, and she even does additional true damage with her passive W skill! Alistar's ability power (AP) damage is pretty insane since the previous patch. As such, players have been playing AP Alistar in ranked as well.

Players have been abusing Vayne and Alistar to bits. Literally every single ranked game (and normal games, even) has been littered with abusers. It's about time that a patch came out to stop this!

Anyhow. Check out the patch preview video below for patch notes:

League of Legends - Patch Preview

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