Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Top Dominion Champions

The Top Dominion Champions?

Apparently, the top Dominion Champions are the ones that I have been pitted against each and every match. These guys will give you a hurtin' if you ever face them. I suppose that's why everyone's using them? Give them a try and tell me about your pleasant experiences guys.

The Top Dominion Champions
  1. Rammus
  2. Heimerdinger
  3. Jax

The Dominion map features fast-paced action in true capture-the-flag style. Points are awarded for capturing the turrets and possessing them in order to reduce your opponents' Nexus hit points. When their base hit points depletes, then your team wins. You can also reduce their Nexus hit points by slaying enemy champions, but the points come with a diminished return.

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